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Casona Los Caballeros
The most relaxing treatments
In Hotel Casona Palacio Los Caballeros you will find a wide range of massages to add the most relaxing treatments to your luxurious stay, always in a warm environment.
Sportive massage
This massage helps activating the fluid circulation (blood, water, lymph), accelerates the waste elimination and improves muscles oxygenation. It increases as well the capability towards sport by speeding up the metabolism to build muscle.

30 minutes / 20€ - 45 minutes / 25€
Relaxing massage
This kind of massage focuses on releasing accumulated tension, and it is performed slowly and through firm and progressive pressure. You will feel relaxed, with a lower muscular tone and a high feeling of wellness.

30 minutes / 20€ - 60 minutes / 40€
Facial and craniofacial massage
Wonderful massage, performed on face, neck, cleavage, shoulders and head. Eliminates face tension, it is perfect for headache, and helps to soften, to clean, to clear and to strengthen, having an special effect on the skin, smoothing it and giving it an exceptional glow. This treatment is recommended for all kinds of skin.

Facial: 20 minutes / 15€. - Craniofacial: 30 minutes / 20€
Foot reflexology
Feet are a reflex of the body anatomy. This massage is performed on reflex points of your foot to harmonize energy and unblock the corresponding organs tensions.

45 minutes / 25 €
Therapeutic massage
Through different manipulations, the therapist tries to reequilíbrate the organism. This therapy is conceived as a treatment against articular and muscular lesions.

30 minutes / 30€